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Whiteboard videos are 5X more
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Professional Whiteboard Video Productions

Here's How it Works

  1. Start Your Project

    Give us some details about your video, including your budget and deadline.

  2. Approve Your Script

    Provide us a script or a script outline and we'll write a script for you. Unlimited script revisions. Approve your script.

  3. Approve The Storyboard

    From your approved script, we will create a storyboard. Unlimited storyboard revisions. Approve the storyboard.

  4. Download and Publish

    From the storyboard, we begin production. When it’s all done, download your video and use it wherever you want!

Why Use Whiteboard Production?

  • Increase Sharing

    Whiteboard videos are 5X more likely to be shared than plain text.

  • Fits Any Budget

    From founder to Fortune 500, we will work within your budget.

  • Premium Quality

    HD quality videos, stereo sound and scalable graphics makes your video accessable on any screen size.

  • Simple Process

    Every project follows a step-by-step process that makes getting the video you want easy and fun.

  • Your Intellectual Property (IP)

    Copyright as your own.


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Professionally designed videos to present your message, demo, training video, promotion or story.

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